The first order that had been given was for the police to give them notice of the eviction. They then toured the site to confirm that all the items declared by the Etchevehere brothers were there. And finally, your departure. And so it happened.

This was the arrest of Dolores Etchevehere for resisting the eviction of her brothers from the camp in Entre Ríos

Guernica after the eviction: those who go back to sleep on the street with nothing and the neighborhood that speaks of “living” neighbors who obtained a subsidy

The pain of those who return to not having a place to live, the accusations to the “manzaneras” of taking for handling with the food of the popular pots and those who say – in a low voice – that there were neighbors who have housing and entered the property to get the money promised by the Buenos Aires government to withdraw from the place

Monica lived under a bridge in Constitución. She is one of the people evicted for trespassing on the Guernica property.

Monica has the same color as the scorched earth she steps on. The same sad look from the puddle that the rain formed. Her shoulders slumped like the bleak landscape around her. She returned after the eviction of Guernica to take her last possessions, what little she will have left of what little she had. A mattress, some clothes, some pots … Equal to almost nothing. If even one of the two horses that pull her husband’s cart, the one with cataracts, fled in terror from the shots. There are two Civil Defense vans that collaborate with her and another occupant who returned. They rush them to finish. The taking of Guernica ended at dawn. But the drama of this 43-year-old woman continues. It may never end. “Today I cried a lot, a band. All this hurts me, “she tells Infobae while putting a blanket in the car.

At five in the morning, shortly after the electricity in the entire neighborhood was cut off, 4,095 Buenos Aires police officers under the orders of Sergio Berni, many arriving in 27 long-distance buses complied with the order of the Judge of Guarantees number 8 of Cañuelas, Martín Miguel Rizzo: evict the illegal occupation of 130 hectares located between the San Martín and Numancia neighborhoods, in the south of Buenos Aires. A final decision, but Monica’s eyes also show a terrible reality: Argentina’s housing deficit is 3.