But that gives the idea that the interventions, although they will be more and more, will be carefully chosen. To comment on the day to day, Patricia Bullrich is already here.

The truth is that if Macri chose to launch, it would not only cause rejection in the other sector of the PRO, but in his allies: already the head of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo, sought to mark the field for him and said he “has no chance” of being a candidate. Even among those who would like Macri to return to the ring, there are doubts: “Beyond the marches and the support he had until the first round, the truth is that losing re-election was very hard. It is not so easy for him to return.”

In the hard wing of the PRO, a series of images produced urticaria that occurred almost simultaneously with Macri’s reappearance. The first was the meeting between President Alberto Fernández and PRO mayors Jorge Macri (Vicente López) and Néstor Grindetti (Lanús). It was not by chance: the two macrista mayors had sent the president the message that they did not agree with the accusations that Bullrich launched in the statement for the murder of Fabián Gutiérrez and they also warned him that Larreta was giving the internal fight so that “the sanity”. They did so through a Peronist mayor who was also in the meeting with Fernández, in which they talked about the pandemic.

Beyond the phrases of rigor, in the environment of one of the mayors they made the message they sent with that photo quite clear: “There is a more moderate opposition and with management responsibility in provincial or municipal governments and there is another more critical opposition who lives on Twitter and Zoom because they no longer have management responsibility.

“The president obviously feels more comfortable working with the first group.” That was the acid characterization that they made before this newspaper. With Twitter, they not only characterize Bullrich, but also other minions such as the Waldo Wolff-Fernando Iglesias duo or the former secretary of fight against Corruption Laura Alonso, who was very active defending Bullrich.

To that photo, a second was added, on July 9, of Larreta with Alberto Fernández, where the president treated her as a “friend.” Although it was only a colloquial expression between two who are called to face each other in future elections, it was not ceased to be observed by the tough ones who, from time to time, fire hashtags like #LarretaTraidor.