Several police and judge were furred as disastrous, a large part of the Road Town was burned and a large number of fabrication houses were destroyed, the reed fields were burned and sugar factories were destroyed. The white population is nearly st. Thomas. President John Chads showed a considerable personal courage, but showed very little judgment or delicacy. In August 2, 1853, he encountered a meeting consisting of 1,500 to 2,000 protesters, but the only promise was to forward their complaints to the Legislative Assembly (all other members were unable to meet). A protester was shot (the only death recorded during the confusion), which led to the continuation of anger. In August 3, 1853, the only white people remaining in the region were John Chads, Customs Collector, a methodist missionary and the island’s doctor.

At the end of the uprisings Thomas’s military assistance and the Leeward Islands were suppressed by the Governor of the British troops sent by Antigua. 20 of the elements of the uprising were sentenced to long imprisonment; three were executed.

The period followed by the 1853 riots, was referred to as “decline and irregularity” by a historian. Some commentators drove that the white population refuses to return essentially and are “deformed”. However, in this application is an exaggeration. Many white, heavy mortgages and are now re-translated when they are not returning to their property. However, as a result of the uprising, the uncertainty, which is required and created, as well as weak economic conditions, as well as an almost a century future has created an economic crisis. In fact, it would take a two years to reopen the schools in the region.

The tensions in the region continued to boil and the local uneasiness is climaxed. Exports went abroad to fall and seek a large number of people. In 1887, an armed rebellion plan was uncovered. In 1890, a disagreement relating to the smuggling has led to more violence, and Christopher Flemming, which is a Long Look resident, he only appeared as a local hero for against the authority. In any case, local authorities from Antigua and 1890 in 1890. Common damage to the reinforcement from Thomas was preventioned.

While the violence reflects the disappointment regarding the absence of unsuspecting economic decline and social services, it is wrong to interpret this period in a “Dark Age” format for the region. This post was an expansion of the islands for the first time. When 1875, there were 10 schools in the area; 1853 The development of raw schools in fact in the light of the absence of raw schools. At the same time, I saw the first color British Virgin islander Fredrick Augustus Pickering appointed as President in 1884.

Pickering resigns in 1887 and in 1889, the title of the office has been changed as a commissioner by pointing to an open decline in administrative responsibilities. Offices were also consolidated to save salaries. However, it has become more popular and prevented the distribution, however, the two popular local has prevented Joseph Romney and Pickering.

However, the legislative council in 1901 was finally officially terminated and then the governor of the Leeward Islands in the Islands, a Commissioner and an executive council was officially managed. The district was not economically remote and the social services has turned to minutes.