There are authenticities in Bakâhis Kenians. Even XV. After the century, it is possible to come across the original artifacts even in the accelerated decline period. So that grows in this culture world Al-Kindî, Fârâbî, Ibn Sînâ, Gazzalî, ibn Rusht … etc. In the works of the logic, it is necessary to make a collective and systematic examination about those who are added from the ancient Greek and however, to make a provision. I don’t conclude that we have enough to have enough materials on this day. These must be made by those who are found in an extension of the same culture again. The provisions of other cultural circles are brought to the provisions of the researchers, as without being subject to an assay, of course, a team will lead to misleading.

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a) Mebâdî → Complex Hamse: 1) Breed, 2) Nevi ‘, 3) Chapter, 4) Arasın Âmm, 5) Arasında HâsS B) Makâsid → Called Shaachih: 1) Rolled Tâkım, 2) Rolled NâKIS, 3) Official Term , 4) Official NâKIS

b) Makâsid → Bihasebi’s-Sûre: 1) İkturâniyiyAnt, 2) Runality ÖKTUREYAYAŞ → Co., 2) Bihasel, 2) Cedel, 3) Faculty, 4) Poetry, 5) Muga logic Vocabulary: Lafz- I will be jointed as three persons: talk, think and mind. The termination of the logic is: Logic is a mention that the idea is correct or false. This recipe is made as of the purpose of logic. The life of something is the revival of the head according to psychologists.