Thus, it is connected to the provision of wine with the wine, which is similar to one of the wine resembling to an aspect of consecutive drunkards. Therefore, it is based on the principle of connecting the things that are similar and similar and the same as the same. The Prophet has expressed in many haders, 18 are based on the opinion of the chabow, especially the rashithal caliphs, especially in the rash. He is based on books and circumcision compared to it, and the sahabet also used it. In this sense, Ibn Kayyim al-Ore Cevziye (h. 691-751), “Equality of reasoning, the same things that are similar to similar things,” Der.20 al-cevziyye’s statement is also the expression of the Fikhi-Ocquisi Tikeleli Tikelele reveals an inference. As for the premise and terms of the FIKHI, as it is seen in the sample of the FIKhi above, as seen in the approximation of the FIKhi, not three propositions on this kind of NASS on 11 Abu Zehra, AGE., P. 189; For various definitions of the bank. Ghazali, myar, p. 165; ŞENER, AGE., SS. 67-68. 12 Maides, 90-91. 13 Şa’bân, Age., 111. 14 Hallam, Age., P. 233. 15 Abu Zehra, Age., P. 189. 16 Şa’an, Age., P. 114; Abu Zehra, the moon. 17 See. Muhammad, 10; To the Casion, 21; Sâd, 28. 18 Hz. Kissing his wife while the literary is fasted, Hz. It’s like the prophet’s mouth to make it to make it a piece of food. For different examples, see Abu Zehra, Age., P. 189; HalloF, AGE., 238; Şa’ban, AGE., SS. 114-115 19 For example, Hz. Ömer’s Ebu Moses Al-People “Well understand the things that look like each other, then put them in comparison to him”. For examples see. Assigns, AGE., 60-61; ELEMANF, AGE., 238239. 20 Abu Zehra, AGE., P. 190.

The other has two situations, ie the new occurrence; The provision of the first is performed by being given to the second. Accordingly, FIKH is consists of four terms or elements. These are: 1. ASL: ASL, which is called the “source of the provision” (the source of wine in the example), is the subject that is clearly provisible on most of the Fakih, according to most of the Fakih, it is fixed with the ‘Wine’ NASS in our example. 2. FER ‘: (liketylene) is not found on NASS, the provisions of Asl are known to be known (beer in the example). In order to make a comparison, two conditions are searched on FER: a) FER The provision of the Nass should not be specified. b) The illlets in ASL must also be found in the same way. If something is not intoxicating, if there is no reason for any reason, the use of that thing will not be haram.