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Support for employees, interesting bonuses, support in every way Flexible hours with school, emotional support for employees, experience

The character and the way of asking for things could be in a different way, the pressure that is handled within the work is a bit stressful

It is a company that gives you good benefits depending on the franchisee. In my case we had good benefits and for example the food is also included.

Is that not all franchisees have good communication with employees and that makes it difficult to work with other staff.

Although making a sandwich is not something to write home about, the disadvantage I find is that since it is a franchise, in the case of my store, the franchisee does not care about having a sufficient staff of employees and under the motto ” get the job “or” you have to put on your shirt “generates an overload of work in the team, which is given a low salary, which generates a continuous rotation of staff and those in charge are in a constant training process which limits us to give better sales results. And as managers we have to work one day of the weekend from sunrise to sunset.

Cleaning, everything is done with great care to maintain the quality of its products and services, easy to work with and pleasant people along the way.

Bosses are very rude and haughty, the salary is very low and the hours are flexible but with little pay, it is more a job for students than for heads of families

improve processes, kpus more in line with the business, proficiency check and more training, have a solid organizational structure and life and career plan

They offer one meal per day, pay punctually, make loans in accordance with the law, give vacations and constant and recurring training, etc.

It is not fair that in order to manage the store well, they have to exploit you due to the shortage of personnel, in addition to setting very difficult goals to achieve because it comes in relation to wanting to force the consumer to buy products.

Good atmosphere with teammates, easy tasks to perform, weekly pay, we had control of our schedules, we could choose a day of rest which we wanted

The hours were very long for the workers since most of them are minors, they did not give us discounts on food, which is common among food franchises, if you were not careful you could suffer an accident in the oven or cutting vegetables

The mode of operation is very well planned. In terms of production costs and formulas for each procedure, fresh vegetables will always be your best weapon on the market.

There are no breaks on weekends, no holidays on public holidays, no days off, the departure time is somewhat conflictive for those who do not have personal transportation

The franchise for which I was hired was Concepts Entrepreneurs S.A de C.V They offer you insurance against medical expenses, however I was never registered for it. The company is of a turn that only matters the financial state and everything else does not matter.