000 cases per day. In addition, they understand that in the absence of conditions for anything else, the only thing that is possible to do is to get used to living with the virus, and only put a brake when the intensive care units (ICU) demand it.

In the Buenos Aires government the situation is different. The increase in cases has multiplied in recent weeks and they fear that the health system will collapse in the second half of August. This was made clear yesterday by the Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Daniel Gollan, when he anticipated that at this rate of infections the Province would run out of therapy beds in the short term.

According to the latest data, of the more than 92,000 patients currently suffering from the disease, 1,057 do so in intensive care units. The occupancy of ICU beds in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires is 63.4%.

Kicillof and Rodríguez Larreta met in La Plata to discuss the future of quarantine

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The Secretary of Health of the Municipality of General Alvarado communicated details about the second case of COVID-19 in Miramar, released this morning after receiving confirmation from SISA late on Tuesday.

As stated, the 45-year-old man who is part of the Marino Cassano Municipal Hospital work team as non-medical personnel has “mild symptoms” and is “in isolation and home treatment.” It was also detailed that there are no partners in the house.

After the investigation of the epidemiological link, 17 close contacts were entered into strict quarantine, of which 6 are from the work environment and 11 from the family and social circle. The index case has not yet been established, so it is momentarily the first autochthonous case in the town until the work of the health personnel advances.

“All the contacts were checked without health problems, having to complete 14-day isolations from the date of the date, 07/29, where the corresponding daily monitoring of face-to-face and telephone monitoring by health agents is carried out,” they clarified. For this reason, no other swabs were performed among these people as no compatible symptoms for COVID-19 were detected.

Outside of this contagion, from Health they reported that the other two suspected cases that had last night were ruled out and that only one entered today.