Upon return, the process was balanced again, but the homeowner had the occasions who did not take advantage of the ones he had. Before the quarter of an hour, those from above got together, Romea threatened to go to the right and returned the wall with Vértiz who had started the play, put him face to face with Crespo, put his body as if to open his foot to the far post , he defined the first and the “1” guessed it. A little later, with Astiz on the court, the opportunity came over the top, Ayr lowered a rained center, Cabrera controlled, turned and took the cross shot that overcame the goalkeeper’s stretch but opened and kissed the right pipe.

With everything that costs him, he could flirt a bit. But it doesn’t happen. Because Ullúa controlled a cross well at the far post and they closed it just right, and because Bruno Vedda surprised him in a climb, instead of going out, he got inside and took a barbarian right that left Crespo standing but hit the post. Immediately, the newly admitted Martinena won twice on the right and both times Jara took it out of Astiz’s “crop” who only had to push. If any was missing, it was the one that reached 37 ′, when Gabriel Martinena found it in the crescent of the area and put a barbaric rope that was moving away from Crespo who looked at it and saw how the left stick again drowned out his cry.

Again a bittersweet taste. Once again, the feeling that the path is correct, but the first victory that continues to be denied, is desired, and that it is widely deserved./Source 0223.com.ar

Sports Circle (0): Sergio Del Curto; Bruno Vedda, Nicolás Ayr, Bruno Cabrera and Sebastián Corti; Mariano Buzzini; Enzo Vértiz, Nahuel Pájaro, Leonardo Fredes and Ever Ullúa; Joaquin Romea. DT: Alexis Matteo

Cipolletti (Río Negro) (0): Facundo Crespo; Matías Carrera, Damián Jara, Elvis Hernández and Jonatan Morales; Cristian Fornillo, Juan Manuel Strack, Manuel Berra and Brian Visser; Nicolás Trecco and Enzo Romero. DT: Gustavo Coronel.

Changes: ST 14 ′ Pablo Vergara and Matías Sarraute for Visser and Fornillo, and 26 ′ Gonzalo Barez for Strack.

The armed forces demanded the resignation of Evo Morales. “We suggest that the President of the State resign his presidential mandate,” said Commander-in-Chief Willimas Kalima. Is that the demonstrations against the Bolivian president continue to rise this Sunday in the streets of the country, despite the fact that this morning he called for new elections after an OAS report that revealed “irregularities” in the October elections.