The cases under observation dropped to 58 after receiving 10 results, three of them positive and the other seven negative. It was clarified that the one carried out in the private sector was not among those observed because it had not passed through the Hospital.

The detail shows that 7 were swabbed today, 7 on Saturday 5, and there are no longer pending on Friday 4 when receiving two positives and three negatives. 9 are pending on Thursday 3 (one tested positive), 10 on Wednesday 2, 5 on Tuesday 1 (4 cases of that day are discarded), 10 on Monday 31, 3 on Sunday 30, 4 on Saturday 29, 3 on Friday 28 and those who had been tested on Thursday 27 were ruled out that they had COVID-9. In any case, those with the longest data reach a 9-day delay.

Regarding the Municipal Hospital, today a new patient was admitted “in moderate condition” and at night it was indicated that there are 5 suspected cases awaiting a swab result. This morning the other person who knew how to be moderate was also discharged.

Two patients are in one of the hotels in hospital conditions due to an improvement in their condition without the need for medical attention, but with monitoring by health agents.

The detail of the Situation Room of the Municipality of General Alvarado shows that of the universe of 58 cases since the beginning of the emergency, 60% (35) live in Miramar, 38% (22) in Otamendi and the remaining in Mar del South.

34 are female and 24 are male. Of the total, six are under 20 years old, thirteen are 21 to 30, nine are 31 to 40, thirteen are 41 to 50 and seventeen are over 51.

It is considered that 20 (34.5%) of these cases contracted the virus outside the district and 33 (57%) were close contacts of these. Epidemiological research is still being carried out on five people, representing 8.5%.

Gilda was from the town, she was from her friends. Over the years, tributes, films and special programs have been known stories of women who accompanied the diva of the tropical scene from a very close place, as intimate as friendship.

On September 7, 1996, the woman formerly known as Miriam Alejandra Bianchi lost her life at age 34 in an accident, while on tour. She was on the road, on board a bus, and her daughter Mariel also died with her.