It was organized by A.C.E.G.A. (Association of Foreign Communities of General Alvarado), and sponsored by the Municipality of Gral Alvarado.

With the auspices of the Municipality of General Alvarado and the organization of the Albatros de Miramar Fishermen’s Club, yesterday Sunday October 13, the “Great Elephant Fish Fishing Contest, Miramar 2019” was held, which awarded more than $ 400 thousand pesos in prizes , with the participation of more than 800 rods.

The competition sector was delimited from Ebomar to Remanso. The winner of the contest was the Miramarense Hernán Trino, with a 2,840 kg fish. The second place was obtained by Gustavo Hidalgo (Lobería), with a 2,840 kg elephant fish and the Third place went to the lady Andrea Basso (Quequén) with a 2,650 kg elephant fish.

The winner obtained $ 160 thousand pesos; the second place will take $ 65 thousand pesos, the third prize was $ 30 thousand pesos, the fourth was awarded $ 15,000, the fifth prize $ 13,000, the sixth $ 10,000 pesos, the seventh $ 8,000, the eighth $ 7,000 pesos and ninth and tenth $ 5,000, and from eleventh to twentieth $ 2,000

First prize to the Chucho of greater weight 8,000 pesos. Prize for the lady was $ 4,000 plus a trophy and the cadet $ 4,000 plus a trophy and a member obtained a Navío kayak and trophy.

The candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires for the Frente de Todos, Axel kicillof, landed again yesterday, Friday 11, in the strategic Fifth Electoral Section where he sought to add votes for the October 27 elections in a region where it was only 2 points of the current Governor.

Present at the event in the city of Mar del Plata were the candidate for communal chief for General Alvarado, Sebastián ianantuony, the councilor Belén Batenti, and the delegate from Mechongué, Oriana Fattore.

Between Argentine flags and banners, and under the slogan of unity proposed by the Frente de Todos, the candidate for governor of space, Axel Kicillof, led a massive event in Plaza Italia in Mar del Plata that brought together a large part of the militancy. At his side were the candidate for mayor in Mar del Plata, Fernanda Raverta, and the candidate for vice governor, Verónica Magario.

The chosen scenario was undoubtedly not accidental and served to show how massive the call was; Thus and in front of a crowded Plaza Italia, located in the heart of the Puerto neighborhood, Kicillof spoke directly to those who accompanied him in the city as part of his tour, the one that during the campaign has taken him to know a good part of the province of Buenos Aires.