-Excellent. We are about to deliver 30 adapted bicycles in these days, we have already delivered more than 350. It must be taken into account that each adapted bicycle costs like five conventional bicycles, and we are accompanying a group of young people -all with disabilities- who run the factory of these bikes. The truth is that we are very embraced by society here in Córdoba, many entrepreneurs accompany us and now we are very happy with the result we are obtaining.

-I imagine the future with this new scheme expanding the foundation in society in different parts of the world. I see myself with many dreams to fulfill, I define myself as a serial dreamer. Sometimes they ask me if the most important thing was the Himalayas for me or standing on bionic technology, and I say no, I hope not, because otherwise my life would have ended there, I really want to continue dreaming and fulfilling dreams.

He has suffered from polio since he was one year old and a heart attack changed his life: the new challenge of Jean Maggi, the unlimited fighter

He crossed the Andes, climbed the Himalayas and now will settle in Africa to vaccinate against polio

He defeated polio and now does extreme sports: “At 50 I managed to stand up for the first time”

The family denounces that the Buenos Aires Police participated in a search operation in a garbage dump of Mayor Buratovich and they ask for guarantees. This Saturday family and friends of Facundo marched. The UN ordered urgent action.

This Saturday afternoon, a search operation was carried out in a garbage dump on the outskirts of Mayor Buratovich, a town where Facundo Castro was last seen on April 30, and where witnesses indicated that they saw him when they took him up to a Buenos Aires Police mobile. According to sources in the case informed El Uncover, a call from some neighbors alerted the investigators and the family. In the place there were fossil remains, but they ruled out that they are human.

At the scene there were mobiles and agents of the Buenos Aires Police, a force that has already been removed from the investigation. The lawyers of the mother of Facundo Castro described that fact as “enormous institutional gravity” in a letter sent this Sunday to the Federal Justice.

Facundo’s mother was also at the garbage dump accompanied by one of his lawyers and two friends, until the last hours of Saturday, while the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, had dinner on the program La Noche de Mirtha, on Canal Trece.