“Citizen Alert” is designed to simplify and centralize, being a fast and efficient instant messaging system that has functionality through data (internet), the operation of the system is based on WhatsApp, being that one operator per shift will manage the account from a PC connected by web to the Smartphone.

When viewing or suspecting a crime, the member of the “Citizen Alert” system will send an alert that can be in the form of a message, audio or photo, the location and what happened in a concrete way will be reported, they are alert, they will arrive at the Municipal Monitoring, which will automatically send the mobile of the Patrol Command that belongs to the corresponding area. In extreme cases there is the option of sharing location, which will be interpreted by the operator as a distress signal and without requesting more information, the police mobile will be sent.

To obtain the contact of “Citizen Alert”, the interested party will have to attend the talks, fill out a form with their data, putting their name and surname, DNI, cell phone number and address and the registration will be sent to the system via WhatsApp.

The participants of the system will only be able to socialize the contact with the member of their cohabiting family nucleus. Before explaining the mode of use, to be validated in the system, they must send a message with their data mentioning the family reference who carried out the training. This is an emergency system, users who fail to comply with the protocol of use will be warned that continuing with this practice may cause the blocking of their contact where up to 2 warnings will be made, before a possible blocking.

Morana (with shirt 6) started in an entertaining final match (Héctor Vivas / Lima 2019)

The local midfielder, part of the Argentine national team, came second after losing to Brazil 5 to 3. The two Parapan-American citizens of Miramare received medals.

The Argentina Soccer 7 Team for people with cerebral palsy won the silver medal today at the Parapan American Games held in Lima, Peru. The national team included Mariano Morana and three from Mar del Plata in its ranks: player Matías Vera, technical director Marcelo Sánchez and physical trainer Leandro Núñez.

The final took place at the Villa María del Triunfo stadium and it was a vibrant match against Brazil, which they won by 5 to 3. “We came for the gold but I am very happy with this group that we formed and proud of the silver medal.