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Due transferred to the Penal Unit 44 of Batán. He is charged with the death of Matías González (29).

The driver of the Volkswagen Bora who was intensely wanted for having fled after running over and killing Matías González (29) on October 15 in Fortunato de la Plaza and Udine appeared this morning in Courts, was arrested and was housed in the Unit Penalty 44 of Batán.

The motorist, identified as Franco Manuel Caceres (20), was charged by the prosecutor Pablo Cistoldi for “aggravated manslaughter due to speeding and running away” and was later transferred to Penal Unit 44 in Batán.

According to official sources, Caceres appeared this morning in Courts – Brown and Tucumán – and was at the disposal of the Justice. The guarantee judge, Daniel De Marco, ordered his transfer to the mayor of Batán, waiting for the prosecutor Cistoldi to summon him to testify.

Caceres is accused of having been at the wheel of the Volkswagen Bora that on October 15, in Fortunato de la Plaza and Udine, ran over and killed González. After the impact, the Bora continued its march and was lost through the streets of the city.

That day, the victim, who was returning from working for a workers’ cooperative, had got off a bus on line 554 at the stop located on that corner and the vehicle hit him when he was traveling at high speed.

As it turned out, the driver -identified as Caceres- would have gotten out of the car, seen the body of the victim lying on the asphalt and then would have climbed back into the Volkswagen Bora to escape at full speed.

A few days after the accident, the police raided a house in Sicily at 8700 in search of the car and Caceres, who had already been identified.

According to official sources, on that occasion, the police came across the Volkswan Bora on the street, who had blows to the front and a broken windshield, but when he was signaling to stop, his driver decided to accelerate and escape.