Even within the various complaints as a consequence of the closure of public spaces, political references -as in the 11th session of the HCD where it was never mentioned-, communication and society seemed unaware that it is not the first time that events of this kind have been held. type in the sector, totally prohibited during and prior to the pandemic, since the regulations referring to the largest green lung in the city prohibit camping in it.

Returning to the event of the last morning, Tránsito hijacked 3 motorcycles for positive breathalyzer and lack of documentation, as well as a generator that fed the lights and sound system.

A man (24) who, when trying to escape, rammed his motorcycle into police personnel, who was not injured, also had to be apprehended. For this reason the vehicle had to be hijacked.

The Flagrancy UFI of the Mar del Plata Judicial Department intervened, which ordered the formation of a case for violation of article 60 of the Penal Code and his subsequent release through article 161 of the CPP.

The report issued this Sunday by the Secretary of Health of the Municipality of General Alvarado detailed that 21 new cases of coronavirus were made official in the district and a new one recovered.

Regarding the positives, 17 gave the virus “detectable” after analyzing their swabs in the laboratory of the INE of Mar del Plata, and the other 4 by clinical / epidemiological criteria when they were left without smell and / or taste, or presented symptoms having been contact narrow of a positive by PCR test.

It was also noted that there are 53 cases under observation and 709 people in preventive isolation due to close contact, in epidemiological research and monitoring by the volunteers of the VETe system.

There are 14 positive cases, including 3 “in serious condition and 1 with a respirator”, while the rest are in “moderate” condition. There are also 3 suspected cases.

“My primal instinct also said: ‘How nice that you were together.’ Cristina Kirchner makes decisions very particularly, I would like to know why she did not go to yesterday’s event, but it is not because there is any special difference, “said the former ambassador to the Vatican in an interview with Raúl Kollmann, on Radio 10.

When asked about the possible reasons for the absence of the former president, who did not go to the CGT headquarters with the rest of the leadership of the Frente de Todos and did not participate in the caravan of vehicles organized by Truckers and other unions, Valdés noted that she “likes other scenarios better.”