They had some contact via WhatsApp, but their imprint is definitely in the antipodes of the outgoing administration, to the point that on Friday the documentary about the four years of Mauricio Macri’s government, Tierra Arrasada, which was premiered at the Coliseo Theater with great success, was released. of public in a presentation that had Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as the protagonist. In principle, it does not seem that there is any contact.

The intention of the incoming Government is that the photo between Fernández and Macri and their respective teams, those who leave and those who arrive, take place in the Basilíca de Luján, where under the umbrella of the Argentine Catholic Church and Monsignor Oscar Vicente Ojea ( who drew up the idea) to guarantee that peace between the 48% who voted for the Frente de Todos and the 40% who voted for Together for Change feel part of the same family, Argentina, with urgent needs that must be repaired .

Eight years ago, Verónica González asked for justice for the brutal crime of her son. Her husband was murdered last Saturday in exactly the same way. She was the one who found both bodies and the last to see them alive. Two crimes where the dogs did not bark

2011: Verónica and her husband when they asked for justice for their son. Today she is suspected of killing both of them.

“If it was my sister, give her life. Now I have no doubt that the one who committed the two murders was her.” The phrase is forceful and categorical, says Susana, sister of Verónica González, the woman accused of having brutally murdered her husband, Carlos Bustamante, last Friday at his home in

When she talks about two crimes, it is because she is now convinced, like a good part of the Mar del Plata Justice, that the woman was also the author of the murder of her own son, Gastón, eight years ago.

On November 21, 2011, Bustamante Jr. met his death in an extremely violent manner. Someone entered his home while he was sleeping and beat him unconscious. Then with one of the minor’s stockings, he hanged him until he suffocated: he had turned 12 the night before. Minutes before Veronica, his mother, went out to run an errand and, according to what she later told the police, she had left him alone at home for the first time.

In the first months of the investigation, the Justice determined that the main suspect was Julián Ramón, a young man from Mar del Plata who was the boyfriend of Rocío, Gastón’s older sister.