After leaving the Lobo, in June 2019, last season he defended the colors of Barracas Central in the First National, until the pandemic stopped football. In total there were almost 500 games in professional football, which gives him an important experience to stand in the locker room in front of a squad.

As explained from the club, in the next few hours it will be finalized to confirm how the technical body of Oreja will be made up and it will be defined if next Monday will be the start of training. The initial intention is for him to be accompanied by personnel who already perform tasks in the institution.

Meanwhile, the leadership also continues with talks with the footballers who will be part of the squad that will begin to work for the reduced Federal A that could begin the last week of November with a format to be defined.

With the exception of Ferro de General Pico (La Pampa), the rest of the clubs that shared Zone B of the contest with Círculo confirmed their participation in the continuity.

In Argentina, the 2001 legislative elections are held. The blank vote or “angry vote” achieves outstanding percentages.

● 1934. Horacio Accavallo was born in Lanús. From humble origins, Roquiño was Argentina’s second world boxing champion. Twelve years after the title achieved by Pascual Pérez, he beats the Japanese Katsuyoshi Takayama in Tokyo, in the fight for the flyweight title of the World Box Association and the World Box Council. The Argentine won on split ruling points and kept his crown until 1968, when he retired after three successful defenses.

● 1944. Accused of having participated in the plot to kill Hitler, Erwin Rommel commits suicide, nicknamed the Desert Fox for his prowess in Egypt against British troops. He was one of the most brilliant strategists of the Second War. He had captured his ideas in the book The Infantry to Attack, from 1937. In the middle of the war, he was personified in the cinema by Erich von Stroheim, in the film Five graves in Cairo, directed by Billy Wilder in 1943, and which takes place during the Egypt.

● 1946. Hilda Beatriz González de Duhalde is born. Eduardo Duhalde’s wife dedicated herself to social assistance with the Manzaneras during her husband’s government. She headed the list of national PJ deputies in the province of Buenos Aires in 1997, and was defeated by Graciela Fernández Meijide.